Политические события в сша и их влияние на участников программ культурного обмена

visa j1Сегодня ночью мы получили от нашего американского партнера InterExchange официальное письмо с разъяснениями и информацией относительно текущих политических событий в США и их влияния на участников программ культурного обмена. Переводить письмо не стали по той причине, что предполагается, что все те, кто подаются на визу J-1, владеют на уровне достаточном для того, чтобы понять смысл нижеизложенного документа в полной мере.

Update on political events in the U.S. and their impact on the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

Dear Au-Pair Agency “European Standards”,

I'm reaching out to provide information regarding ongoing political events in the United States, which we’ve been following closely. I know there is much concern about the impact these events may have on InterExchange intercultural exchange programs, so I want to provide some context based on what we currently know.

No changes have been made to J-1 exchange programs
First and foremost, it’s important to know that the J-1 visa Exchange Visitor Program is continuing as usual; nothing has changed about J-1 visa exchange programs.

Interest continues to be high for all of InterExchange’s programs. We have not noticed or received reports of any change in visa issuance for participants in our programs. We will be closely monitoring this and will let you know if anything changes.

Additionally, international exchange programs like the J-1 visa Exchange Visitor Program have a long history of support by both Republican and Democratic presidential administrations, and we fully expect that to continue.

Context on recent executive order
A recent executive order signed by President Trump suspends entry into the U.S. from seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) for 90 days. InterExchange is closely monitoring this situation and its impact. As an international cultural exchange organization, we wholeheartedly support diversity and non-discriminatory practices.

This executive order will have a negative impact on certain international exchange participants and international students, hindering important efforts to build educational, diplomatic, and economic ties through people-to-people engagement. Our understanding, though, is that the order likely will not have a major impact on InterExchange’s participants, who do not come from the seven affected countries.

It is our understanding that those with dual citizenship that includes one of the seven affected countries may be impacted by the executive order -- either in their ability to receive an entry visa or to return to the U.S. after a trip abroad. If this applies to you, you may wish to contact us.

At InterExchange we firmly believe that international exchange programs are -- and will continue to be -- vitally important elements of U.S. diplomatic engagement with the world, and key tools to prepare young people to be successful leaders and global citizens. Our mission of promoting international understanding and engagement continues to be as necessary as it’s ever been. We are committed to the idea that grassroots, person-to-person exchanges help all involved push their personal boundaries, learn critical language and cultural skills, and grow into successful global citizens who contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous world.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact us -- our program staff is here to help. Together, we look forward to continuing our work facilitating successful international exchange programs.

Best wishes,

Mark Overmann
Vice President of External Affairs

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